Christmas Snowflake Nail Wraps / Burgundy Red Holiday Nail Strips / 3D Gold Glitter Winter Nail Stickers / Plaid Check Nail Polish Strips

Christmas Snowflake Nail Wraps / Burgundy Red Holiday Nail Strips / 3D Gold Glitter Winter Nail Stickers / Plaid Check Nail Polish Strips


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It's time for holidays! A holiday / winter / Christmas theme nail wraps for your perfect holidays. Burgundy red overlay nail wraps with gold glitters, gold snowflakes, and a flannel plaid/ check design. Beautiful Korean & Japanese style nail wraps / nail strips / nail stickers for everyone. We offer unique and delicate nail designs at an affordable price. FREE SHIPPING for all US orders!

- GIFT WITH EVERY ORDER: Each order will come with a cute light-grey drawstring bag and a free dual-sided nail file as a gift!
- INDIVIDUAL PACKAGING: Each set of nail wraps is packed in its own poly bag. Ensure personal hygiene.
- EASY TO USE: Nail wraps are made from adhesive stickers and can be easily applied to your nails within a couple of minutes!
- FUN TO DIY: Save $$$ from expensive nail salons and enjoy the fun to DIY your own nails. More fun to do nail wraps with your friends and family.
- TIPS FOR DURABLE NAIL ART: Apply a layer topcoat after nail wraps and don't touch water for 2 hours.

Instructions to apply ClebleNails's nail wraps:
1) Preparation - Make sure your hands are clean and dry before applying those nail wraps. Use alcohol wipe to remove any dirt, oils or lotions if needed.
2) Peel the nail wraps from the plastic base - Take those nail wraps off carefully from the clear base plastic. One tip is to bend the tip of the plastic a little bit and nail wraps will come off easier.
3) Apply to your nails -  Use the correct size nail wrap for each nail and gently stretch to fit your nail. Avoid letting nail wraps touch cuticles on the skin, as this could cause nail wraps to crack or lift off.
4) Trim the nail wraps - Use a nail file in a downward motion ONLY to trim nail wraps to the shape of your nails. Avoid filing off too much on the nail tips.
5) Final touch to make nail wraps last longer - Apply a top coat or a UV gel on top of the finished nail wraps and avoid touching water for two hours. We recommend to test out the top coat or gel with one nail first, as some don’t work well together.

Instructions to peel off ClebleNails's nail wraps:
1) Put your hands in water of 40°C/104°F for three minutes. You then can peel off those nail wraps in the water.
2) Use alcohol wipe to remove any remaining nail wraps.

I am loving these! So festive!

Great shipping and packaging but I'm sorry...the nail stickers smell so strongly of plastic and they were peeling back after 6 hours. I've been using a store brand nail stickers for 2 months now, so I have experience with making nail stickers last long and I always follow instructions closely. I do love the designs, but I wish the quality was better. Maybe you should find another manufacturer to make these :(

Too small width wise for my nails. Also, they are stickers… They stayed on for a few hours until I had to peal them off.

This posting was confusing. on the model pic, the accent nails look green, but in subsequent pics, it's blue. I was hoping this was just a glitch with the color editing, but it wasn't. They're blue. and the red isn't a vibrant red like on the model's hand, it's like a reddish-brownish color. and they're translucent, which was also unexpected, but not as disappointing as the colors being wrong.